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Top 10 ways to choose the right images for your digital platforms – Before and after

  • High-quality great content photography will build trust.
  • Memorable photography can be from the colour choices to the cropping. You are trying to achieve something relatable to your audience.
  • Besides colour and tone, be sure to focus on the overall feel of the image.
  • Make goals and plan exactly what you are looking for. You don’t want to realize afterwards that a key image is missing. Goals and plans prevent your images and story from going in the wrong direction and prevent your customer losing focus. Convey this to your photographer before the session.
  • Don’t go for stock images for your main images. Stock photography can work for certain situations but remember you are trying to make your clients feel emotions when they are viewing your product or service. If you use stock photography, make it unique to your content and avoid popular images.
  • Think about how you want your client to feel. Help clients focus inwards to focus attention on their feelings.
  • You want the customer to feel that you are anticipating their needs with your product or service.
  • Try not to use and overly distracting image unless it is intended for that. (Controversial, loud, a meme)
  • Photos of people generate a positive impact and create trustworthiness.
  • A smiling face can increase the rate at which your clients decide to use you or your product.

There are only a few. If you have more, share them with me and maybe I’ll start a part 2.