Photo Scanning & Restoration

Send me the originals and let me know what you need. I will send you the digital files you request and have the originals ready for pickup. I also do Ultra High-Resolution scanning if you want the best way to store or print your memories.

I also digitally restore and print old photos and artwork. I can digitally restore photographs damaged by age, water, mildew, and other factors. Most tasks take 10-14 days to complete, though rush orders are possible. Every order includes a digital copy of the finished work and one archival photo print per photo restoration.

Scanning & Restoration Packages

Print & Slide Scanning
— $1 per image ($2 for high-resolution)

Make the most of your photographs by utilising our photo and slide digitisation services. Simply send us your vintage photographic prints and slides, and I’ll take care of the rest. 

Photo Negative Scanning and Conversion

— $2 per image

Even in sleeves, colour negatives can fade and scratch. Colour slides have colour shifts and scratches that require repair and correction (unless they are stored in archival-quality, sub zero conditions). I regularly fix these issues for your digitized negative images. All sizes and formats can be scanned.

Image Restoration — $298

Includes water, mould damage as well as stains, scratches and blemish removal. Includes one archival quality print and matt.


Questions? Looking for something different?

Drop me a line! Every photo is different, and every client too — I’m always happy to chat and figure out what photography is best for you!