For the last few years, photographers, coaches, social media marketing and online influencers have emphasised branding photography or personal branding photography.  It is primarily focused on one individual and their business, but may also include employees, customers or other businesses with whom you collaborate. It isn’t a new idea, but it’s been transformed with the rise of social media influencers on platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and many others. Many of these people have either a large portion or their entire income coming from these areas.

For a session, you can document your family life, emphasise who you are and what you stand for, and include as much or as little personal information as desired. But, it must be genuine.

Your brand is more than your logo; it is how your business interacts with and perceives its customers. Photographing your brand is the next step in your branding strategy. After you’ve established your logo, fonts, and other design elements, brand photography brings everything together visually.

How do you incorporate photography into your business? You incorporate them into your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns as well as any social platform you are on. Brand imagery includes headshots and profile images, as well as images of physical products or examples of your services that you may sell.

According to one online report I read, it takes seven seconds to make an impression, and once that impression is fixed in someone’s mind, it is exceedingly difficult to revert to the initial impact.

You want your session to accurately reflect your brand. Your website’s photographs are a reflection of your business and its employees.

You may hand out business cards with your logo at networking events or even distribute flyers, but a pretty logo does not guarantee that your clients will work with you. 

“People do not work with a logo. People work with people. “

Branding photography enables you to showcase the team behind the logo, even if it’s only you and ensures that your first impression is consistent with the people who will be hiring you.

The session’s objective is to position your business for future growth. While there are no guarantees, this is a positive step. These photographs will allow your client to become acquainted with your company and its employees prior to requesting a call with you, thereby saving you time on meetings, phone calls, emails, and proposals with a prospect who likes your company’s “idea” but may not be YOUR ideal client.

I’m looking for businesses that are developing a website, launching a newsletter, rebranding, or simply want to polish their image and brand.