The more interactions you have with another person, the more at ease you become with them. The majority of clients are uneasy about being directed in front of cameras. As such, one helpful tip is to develop a professional relationship with your photographer.

You can establish a positive personal connection with your photographer a few days prior to the session by calling and discussing expectations and catching up on your lives. Discuss trivial matters such as your likes and dislikes on the day of the session. 

When photographing motion, you should be aware of how a specific action will begin and then conclude. A good example is a portrait of an athlete in which you understand exactly how a baseball bat swings and where and when the motion will come to a halt.

There is such a thing as too much stiffness and artificial posing in portrait photography. Attempt to move freely between points A and B, or to interact more with your environment or possibly with some props. This technique contributes to the creation of more natural-looking portraits.