This one is for photographers, but it can help clients understand the process.

Aside from editing, sorting and selecting the best photos is one of the most time-consuming tasks for a photographer.

Choosing which raw unedited photos to edit and present as alternates and variations is difficult. Here are some ideas for sorting photos.

Taking too many photos during the photo session is a common mistake with newer photographers.  This happens when the photographer has no idea how his shoot will turn out. Knowing how to compose your image from the start will help reduce unwanted throw-away photos. You’ll save time and sanity this way.

Sort similar photos and choose which ones best reflect your style, delete the ones that aren’t as sharp, or pick the one that best reflects your client’s personality.

Sometimes a good pose or facial expression is obscured by a poor photo quality. Such photos must be deleted. A blurry image will negatively impact both your own and your client’s image. A slightly less sharp image is acceptable with a lot of personality or emotion, but should be avoided in general.

A good photographer will avoid obstacles like power lines and other distractions. Saving time when selecting photos later. Before shooting an image, you must decide whether a distracting element in the frame is worth the time and effort.

Indecisiveness must be avoided when selecting and sorting photos from a photo session. Before editing, make quick judgement calls in front of the screen. If you’re having trouble choosing between similar photos, your photo editing software’s rating system can help.