How much are you anticipating paying for a headshot?

I recently read something quite interesting. It was published on a business-oriented social media site. It was posted as a question that I’ve addressed several times over the years. “How much do you anticipate spending on a headshot?”

The responses were mostly consistent with what you’d expect to hear, but one particularly spoke to me.

“How much do you anticipate paying for a car?”

It’s just as difficult to respond if you’re unsure of what you want. Do you simply want to get from A to B? Are you in the market for a sports car? Luxury? How about a good stereo? Does it have off-road capability? Hybrid? Electric?

The photography questions are straightforward, to begin with. Do you require outdoor photographs, photos taken indoors? Do you want a blurry background, as is popular at the moment, or do you want a sharp background with some details?